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  • Where are your meetings held?
    Our meetings will be held in person at 5:30 PM every Wednesday of the school semester in RFM 5242 (Fall 2023). Check our social media for the latest info! Interested in attending? Contact any of our officers to join our email list for room number and additional information!
  • Where is the observatory?
    The observatory is located atop the Supple Science building 4th floor. To get to the observatory take the elevator to the 4th floor, turn left and you'll see signs pointing to the stairs up to the observatory. *Note we are not open every Wednesday due to weather or other events that may occur. Have questions? Message us below!
  • Is the Observatory only for Texas State students?
    No, everyone and everyone you know is welcome! Visit our calendar tab for information about when we will be there.
  • Can anyone visit the observatory?
    Yes! Every Wednesday during the school semester we open up the observatory for public viewing hours, you don't have to be a student to attend! We also open up the observatory the first Friday of every month during the school semester for Family Nights, another form of public viewing hours. For updates, follow our Facebook or Instagram page! Visit our calendar tab for more information
  • Can I attend the observatory without attending the club meetings?
    Yes, please come enjoy the stars with us, the club is here in case you have extra interest/availability.
  • Do you teach how to use personal telescopes?
    Yes! depending on how busy observation nights (Wednesday) are, Family Nights may be a better one on one lesson, however any night we will love to help out!
  • Who can I contact about the club or where do i go to join?
    Fill in the Contact form on our home page and we will get back to you with more information! Alternatively, visit our officers page and contact any of the officer team for more information.
  • Do you have club dues?
    Yes. Our club dues are $15 for year or $10 for 1 semester. Although not required to be a member, it's highly recommended so that way you can be included in parties, events and other fun activities! If you are unable to pay dues, please talk to our treasurer about our volunteering for dues option.
  • Do I have to be a physics or STEM major to join?
    No! The Astronomy Club is open to all majors/minors who share an interest in astronomy and stargazing.
  • I have class during meetings, but I'm still interested in attending meetings. What can I do?
    Observatory nights, family nights, star parties, and movie nights are all event options that do not typically fall during class times. Our meetings will always be at 5:30PM every Wednesday during any given school semester, so that it is possible for members to plan ahead.
  • How can I be added to the Canvas page for announcements?
    Go to the home page, scroll all the way to the bottom until you see "Contact Us" and request that you would like to be added, please include your .edu email so that we could add you to the page. Announcements for non-university affiliates are currently not available, but we hope to make this possible in the near future!
  • I am more interested in aerospace engineering than astronomy, is there anything I can do?
    You can join our sister organization, the Society for Space Exploration (SSE)! SSE is affiliated with the international organization, Society for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) and works on building instrumentation for missions! If you want to be connected with a SSE officer, mention your interest in our Contact form and we will get you connected!
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